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Picnic Party in Alphabet Harbor, Gr 2

Picnic Party in Alphabet Harbor, Gr 2


A workbook so inspiring you want to do it twice!

  • Product Info

    The Picnic Party in Alphabet Harbor workbook is the key navigation tool to help second graders more easily sail their way from early reading to becoming competent readers and writers. The workbook is filled with an engaging variety of exercises that make each page a new adventure.
    Excited by success, students also enjoy using their knowledge of the alphabetic principle to benefit core subjects like math, science, and literature.

  • How it Works

    Follow the lesson plans in the Teacher’s Edition and apply the alphabetic principle to words in isolation in the workbook. Students use diacritic markings for self assessment that supports the mastery of each concept.

  • Product Specs

    Size:  8.5 x 11   
    Page Count:  112    
    Colorful coil binding saves desk space and the pages lay flat so students can write with ease.
    Printed in the USA

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