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Phonemic Advantage


Spelling Gets a Bad Rap

Why spelling's reputation is not-so-good

Alphabet Harbor Spelling

Grades 1 - 2

Rock Harbor Spelling

Grades 3 - 4

Spelling gets a bad rap,
Phonemic Advantage™ plans to change that.

Knowing the code is the place to start,
So kids can learn rules that won’t break apart.

There are two ways to teach spelling—
from the front of the word or the back.
So watch the action at the end,
And then the
rules will not bend.

Raising Hands

Alphabet Harbor Spelling

Providing a safe harbor for all students 

Alphabet Harbor Spelling consists of a full complement of student and teacher materials all based on the intelligently designed Sound Mapping System. This patented system means individually focused materials and timely assessment.  


We offer a full range of creative learning activities to challenge and engage each child’s cognitive strengths. Analytical thinkers respond to the integrative approach while creative thinkers are drawn to the imaginary world of Alphabet Harbor.

Rock Harbor Spelling

Where confidence in spelling promotes excellence in reading” 

Rock Harbor, for grades 3-4, seamlessly builds on the solid foundation of Alphabet Harbor


Patented and uniquely different from any other Language Arts program, Rock Harbor teaches complex patterns and vowel-consonant relationships found in over 50,000 core words. Our Harbor Friends’ personalities emulate their specific letter and its various roles in the phonemic code. The story instruction makes it easy for every teacher to implement in classrooms of children with varying reading and writing levels.

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