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Alphabet Harbor Print

More colorful. More inspiring. More engaging.” 

Alphabet Harbor Print uses a pre-cursive approach to forming letters. Like reading words, the letter formations move from left to right with minimal lifting of the pencil between strokes. Overall, the phonemic pictures, letter puzzles, and dot-to-dots make every page a memorable experience. 



Harbor Friends + Poetry =

3 Benefits


The Harbor Friends Bring Innovation to Handwriting


The Harbor Friends play an active role in the learning experience. Who needs a friend? We all do, whether it’s an imaginary friend, a literary friend, or a human friend. Alphabet Harbor, with its patented system of mnemonics, promotes organic learning. This encourages curiosity and the instruction never feels “like a lesson.” 


The Harbor Friends Letter Formation Poems


Kids love poetry. Unique to Phonemic Advantage Handwriting, students learn the creative details of writing letters with poetry. With the Harbor Friends Letter Formation Poems, movement and rhythm come together easily. 


Rock Harbor Cursive

Cursive handwriting that touches the heart

With the Harbor Pals Letter Formation Poems the students get to “loop in the sky, dive to the fish, and come back up with a swish.”

Sloppy S's

Something to Consider


The teachers enjoy the organization of the workbooks. The letters are organized in sections based on the shape of the initial strokes. For the lowercase, Section 1: Swoop Up, Slide Down teaches ‘i,’ ‘t,’ ‘u,’ and ‘w.’ For the uppercase, Section 1: Curve Back describes ‘C,’ ‘E,’ ‘A,’ and ‘O.’

Additional content: Vocabulary Connection, Writing Topics and Drawing Expression. When students describe their lives on paper, it becomes more meaningful.


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