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Consonant Cliffs Club Thematic Poster

Consonant Cliffs Club Thematic Poster


Five club members who need a friend!

  • Product Info

    The Consonant Cliffs Club involves five consonants that need a friend at the end of words and one “Cliffs Helper.” This fun and colorful poster brightens classrooms and enlightens students. The poster uses whimsical graphics to illustrate complete word categories so students confidently apply the alphabetic principle to reading and writing.

  • How it Works

    Using the Teacher’s Edition, read the Consonant Cliffs Club story provided in the lesson plans. The poster illustrates a foundational alphabetic principle for reading and writing. This is learning at its best!

  • Product Specs

    Two sizes:  24 x 36 and 18 x 24
    Made of sturdy corrugated board, the poster is easy to store and should last 3-4 years. 
    Opposite side can feature another thematic poster to save classroom space.
    Printed in the USA

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