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Beginning to Write in Alphabet Harbor, K

Beginning to Write in Alphabet Harbor, K


All-in-one: writing, phonics, and vocabulary!

  • Product Info

    The Beginning to Write in the Alphabet Harbor workbook introduces the Harbor Friends, who teach the kindergarteners how to form their letters and numbers. More than a writing program, students are guided down the path to new learning adventures with captivating phonics exercises and games.

  • How it Works

    Instructions are provided on every page so students can work at their own pace.
    As the students practice writing their letters, repeat the Harbor Friends Letter Formation Poems to enhance the learning experience.

  • Product Specs

    Size: 8.5 x 11
    Page Count: 125    
    Colorful coil binding saves desk space and the pages lay flat so students can write with ease.
    Printed in the USA

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