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Alphabet Harbor Map

Alphabet Harbor Map

SKU: 1013

All the Harbor Friends at home! 

  • Product Info

    The Alphabet Harbor Map shows all of the Harbor Friends on their island together and helps the students place them in their home. Every time a student repeats the Harbor Friends’ names, they acquire 40 sounds of the alphabet, not just 26.
    Also, the students learn which Harbor Friends say two or even three sounds. This lively connection makes phonics meaningful!

  • How it Works

    Using the Teacher’s Edition read the Welcome to Alphabet Harbor story provided in the lesson plans. With this story, identify the vowels and consonants and the 40 sounds that support reading fluency from the start.

  • Product Specs

    The Alphabet Harbor Map comes in three sizes.
    Horizontal wall map shows a panoramic view of the Harbor.
    Size: 13 x 19  Printed on card stock.  Laminate if desired.
    Student map is easy to handle.  Size:  8.5 x 11  Printed on card stock.
    Thematic map, made of sturdy corrugated board, is easy to store and should last 3-4 years. Opposite side can feature another thematic poster to save classroom space.
    Size: 24 x 36  Printed in the USA

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