Phonemic Advantage Learning System

The Perfect Complement—spelling energizes reading and writing

Contrary to popular belief, the patterns of English are very consistent....more

Comprehensive system for mapping the sounds in words

Students map the sounds and chart words using their knowledge of...more

Differentiated Instruction

Phonemic Advantage overcomes the challenge of teaching to diverse individual needs....more

Memorable, creative, and downright fun

Offering a complete line of resources built with story instruction around the Harbor Friends'...   more

The Science Behind InterEthnic's Patent

“A Method for Teaching Reading and Spelling with the Progressive, Interlocking, Correlative System. 

Phonics Generalizations 

All current reading and spelling programs use phonics generalizations, researched by Theodore Clymer in 1963.


The number of exceptions that do not fit the rule (compare orange and green lines) means broken rules and inconsistency. 

Phonemic Advantage

Our patented and proven system teaches patterns that do not break. It's easy to use.


Phonemic Advantage Spelling is the bedrock for effective reading and writing.  

Phonemic Advantage Proven Results

100% Success Rate. All students improve in Language Arts. Unique to Phonemic Advantage, the increase in standardized test scores affects both the 40th and  80th percentiles:

ITBS scores in 1st and 2nd grades increased by 125% for  two consecutive years.
3rd – 5th graders in after-school programs increased by 1.2 grade levels with 50 percent reading above-grade level. Successful after only 14 hours of instruction, without homework and nominal  rote memorization.

English Language Learners pass the STAAR test within the first year of transitioning from bi-lingual to English.


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