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Nov 13, 2017

The Harbor Map Gives a Splendid View


Edited: Nov 15, 2017

When I visit various classrooms I often see all the letters posted like a border along a wall. While this provides a constant reminder to the children of each letter’s shape, I wonder if the abstractness of letters (these squiggly lines that say sounds) seems vague and uncomfortable to the young learners.


The Alphabet Harbor Map shows all of the letters together. We’ve arranged the Harbor Friends on the map to help the children learn their sounds. Here’s an excerpt from the Welcome to Alphabet Harbor story about the three red headed boys: Sloppy S, Zany Z and Clever C, along with his pet kangaroo.

Who can find the red headed boys? Yes, there they are over by the cliffs. These three boys are brothers: Clever C, Sloppy S, and Zany Z. Do you notice anything else these boys have in common? (They all have frogs in their pocket.) They are expert frog catchers and love to keep them in their pockets. Even Clever C’s pet kangaroo has a frog in her furry pouch. Just like you and your siblings probably share clothes or toys, these brothers and Kangaroo K share each other’s sounds.

See how the Alphabet Harbor Map gives a splendid view of the letters working together? These letters, by their sounds, will form all the words we know!