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Aug 28, 2017

How Smart is Clever C?


Edited: Oct 9, 2017


In Alphabet Harbor, the letter 'c' is called "Clever C." You may wonder if he got his name because "clever" begins with one of his two sounds. Or is Clever C really smart?

The answers: yes (to both questions)

Clever C does not have his own sound. The sound that we hear the most at the beginning of words is 'k.' It belongs to the letter 'k.' The sound that we hear the most at the end of words, 's,' is owned by 's.'

'C' borrows both of the sounds and this is good. Otherwise, how would we spell "cent?" Without 'c,' the only option is "sent." And that would make things even more complicated.

Having 'c' allows our alphabet to create more words. With Alphabet Harbor, the Friends teach these intelligent components. Clever C's red headed brother is Sloppy S. And who's his pet? Kangaroo K, of course!