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Learning to Read

It's as easy as ABC!

Feb 13, 2018

While some children know intuitively how sounds and letters fit together, most do not. Young, science-minded children desire patterns so they can confidently build their reading abilities. And the ar
Oct 19, 2017

First, a quick review of A. Hearing the Sounds : If children are unsure of the sounds in a word, they will mentally hesitate. This may lower their confidence and slow their fluency. Since English com
Oct 19, 2017

With every word a child reads they decide if they know it. Part C is about the value of comprehension. On the track near " What's the meaning? " the orange cart carries the puzzle pieces 'b-o-l.' It
Jul 31, 2017

For a few language-gifted children, learning to read appears to be as easy as “A-B-C.” They read without requiring hardly any assistance. Yet, most children will need precise instruction for learning