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Welcome to Alphabet Harbor! Book

...where the Harbor Friends™ say 40 sounds with their 26 letters
Early Reading
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Reading a sweet story says “I love you” to a child and kindles their joy of reading. It’s every child’s privilege!


Welcome to Alphabet Harbor! brings 26 inspiring stories of the Harbor Friends. These fun whimsical characters live and work together to make words. In this playful, imaginary world, letters become your child’s best friends!


Scientific research reveals that young children hear sounds very clearly. Yet, most ABC books only teach 26 letters and 26 sounds. If a child learns that ‘c’ says “cat” (/k/ sound), then how will they read “city” or “cent”? Alphabet Harbor, our total learning patented system, provides everything they need to know—26 letters say 40 sounds.


We promote reading success and promise to touch your child’s heart with the love of learning!


Toddler Book

Alphabet Harbor Maps™

Leter maps
Roaming R
Toddler Play toys
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To view Harbor Highlights, click on the castle, circus tent and sail boat.

Who needs a friend? We all do, whether it’s an imaginary friend, a literary friend, or a human friend.


The Harbor Friends encourage organic learning. Whenever your child names each Friend, they say 40 sounds as naturally as speaking. This increases their confidence and their love of stories!


The Alphabet Harbor™ map allows kids to live with the Harbor Friends and become their buddies for reading. 


Three formats available for your student needs. The wall map (shown here) gives a panoramic view of the Harbor. The personal size (8.5 x 11) puts the Harbor into little hands.

Click here to view the Harbor.

AH Map

Harbor Friends™ Cards

Matching games kids thrive on

Learning activities for everyday fun:

  1. As your child names of the Harbor Friends™ they learn 40 sounds. For the letters with two sounds, both are included in their name—Clever C™ Goofy G™. Isn't that cool!

  2. When your child talks with you, help them apply the sounds by saying, “that’s Mutton M’s sound” when he or she says something that begins with /m/, like in “more.” “I want more ice cream!”

  3. While singing the alphabet song, point to each Harbor  Friend™ as you go along.


Sorting games build thinking skills:

Sorting various items builds analytical skills. In the picture, who wears something on their head? (Veggie V™ and Boy B) And who does not like to wear anything on their feet? (Active A™ and Clever C™)

Wandering W™ comes after Veggie V™,
just like in the alphabet.

 blend together.

With the Harbor Friends™ cards, children find all their Friends somewhere in Welcome to Alphabet Harbor!. It's a learning tool for placing the letters in alphabetical order. And it piques their curiosity about how sounds 

accelerated reader
matching cards
tools for tots

Two sizes to choose from: the large size (shown here) or backpack size for learning on the go!

Matching Cards
smart phonics
English Language Learn
Learning English
L & F Storytime

Sloppy S

One of the best ways to stimulate your child’s creativity is to ask them to retell the stories you read to them. And if you want to build their vocabulary before they enter school, encourage them with their own stories.

Lost & Found Storytelling, with the fun-loving Harbor Friends, is designed to give you lots of ideas. If your child loses a tooth, they’ll relate to Active A™ losing his. When they lose or find their shoe, they have a Friend, Sloppy S™, who does that too!


Our 26 colorful cards show 26 activities of things kids often do! With the whimsical Harbor Friends, your child’s life is shared and expressed! Easily create a meaningful story which can even be posted in their scrapbook.

Adding to your excitement, Lost & Found  Storytelling comes with reproducible B/W cards for coloring all the Harbor Friends™!

Hover and see what each Friend lost or found. 

Crafts and story prompts that spark imagination

Echo E

Lost & Found Storytelling™ Cards

Yours Truly Y

Kangaroo K

coloring crafts

Active A

Have Fun Coloring
stories for toddlers
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